The Firefly vaporizer is a dynamic convection portable vaporizer with an almost instant heat up time and produces some of the best vapor quality of any vaporizer I’ve tested. The pure convection allows the unit to heat up in as little as 5-7 seconds and that’s with the pre-heat included. It also requires very little maintenance and cleaning which is nice for daily users like yours truly. This Firefly vaporizer review will breakdown all the features plus a how-to and then go over some of the cons like battery life and unit weight.

I feel like the Firefly is the perfect vaporizer for someone who needs instant sessions and wants the best vapor quality that you can currently find in a portable vaporizer.

Size, Portability & Concealment – The Firefly is a portable vape but it has some good size and weight to it. It’s comparable in height to a Galaxy S4  but about half the width. The reason the Firefly is a bit heavier is because the entire unit is designed around stainless steel heat sinks. The heat sinks add weight to the unit but also allow the Firefly to remain cool under extreme heat.

Accessories – The Firefly comes with some great accessories for cleaning and travel. It includes a very nice travel bag with the name “Firefly” on it. It helps conceal it, protect it, and provides a little extra space to store some items. No one would be able to know what it was. It could be sunglasses. It also includes a multi-sided brush. The brush is perfect to use with the Firefly and all the rest of your portables. It’s very handy.  You get 5 replacement screens, 5 cleaning picks and a few cleaning wipes.

Heating Element & Vapor Path – The Firefly uses an all glass heating chamber. The heating element can reach temperatures as high as 400F (200C) in seconds. The best part about instant heat is your herbs aren’t being wasted as the unit heats up or cools down. Your herbs are only heated when you want to use the unit. One of the Firefly’s unique features is the warm glow it produces while being used. This is the heating element getting to max temp and glowing through the glass heating chamber. It’s pretty cool to see at night.

Firefly Vaporizer BowlFirefly Vaporizer GlowFirefly Vaporizer Glow Side
Cleaning & Maintenance – Cleaning the Firefly is a breeze. I’ve only had the unit for a couple months and just did my first screen change and good cleaning. The Firefly is much easier to clean if you do it immediately after a session. This way the stainless steel and the window on the cover are still warm. I recommend just taking a paper towel or handkerchief and wiping out all the residue. If you don’t clean the Firefly regularly, then you could get away with a good clean about every 15 bowls.

I’ve found that after heavy use, you’ll begin to get a build up of residue on the window and the area around the bowl. If you wait for the unit to cool down, then you’ll need a little bit of alcohol to help wipe all the gunk out. I always save my AVB for desperate situations or to throw in some yogurt on a rainy day. It’s important to clean your unit because damage caused by neglect of cleaning will void the warranty.

Battery Life & Charging Times – The Firefly has a “High-Powered” Lithium-ion battery. I get about 45-60 minutes of continuous use and the Firefly fully recharges in about 45 minutes. The batteries can be easily removed by sliding off the back. This is nice so you can buy an extra one to take with you on long trips. You can also pick up the Firefly car charger adapter for an extra $30.





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