Gang Mod

gangmod_2_1024x1024  gangmod_3_1024x1024   TFT large color display screen that shows battery life, power/voltage settings, time, Puff Counter has all the information you need at your knuckletips. Packing a unique punch with special modes and functionality such as: Sleep mode,...
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The IONIX T101 is a semi-portable vaporizer made for the tabletop or carrying in a backpack. The product is easy to use, made for any tolerance level, and can be easily cleaned. While an oil rig can take minutes to get going, the IONIX requires no torch or messy tools, and is ready in seconds. Ionix...
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Airis Viva

The Airistech VIVA is a portable vaporizer for dry herb and flower featuring an advanced OLED, digital temperature settings and has a pretty large bowl chamber for a portable vaporizer. Features:
  • Smart Screen Advanced LED displays temp, status and battery power. The status is shown as "Heat" while in the heating state and will display as "Warm"...
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Pax 2

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