Smoking Accessories

Bubblers, bowls and other glass water pipes available. Constantly updating our inventory with the latest and best products.

Hookah & Supplies

flavored tabacoo available

Party Supplies

Ping Pong Balls, Portable Beer Bong table, and all sorts of drinking games.

Cleaning Products

Come get a bottle of GRUNGE and get your old piece looking like new.

Weekly Deals

LOOKING FOR THE PAX 2??  We have them in stock and for only @275!  Enjoy the newest in vape technology.  Check out the new reviews!

Please mention the website and ad to redeem.  Offer can not be used in addition to any other discounts.

Offer valid only at Stonybrook/Setauket location!

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What’s new

  • Pax 2
  • Firefly
    The Firefly vaporizer is a dynamic convection portable vaporizer with...
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